The Growing Industry of Official Betting

A growing industry worldwide, official betting involves placing bets on sports events with regulated bookmakers. The NFL was the last major league to sign an official betting deal, which gives partnered sportsbooks access to official game data and allows them to promote their relationship with the league.

Betting on football matches and competitions is a valuable source of revenue for football, but can also pose a risk to the integrity of these events. FIFA has set out clear rules to protect the sport’s integrity and is fully committed to protecting betting and gambling-related activities within its competitions and clubs. This is why the Code of Ethics specifically prohibits any activity that could have a negative impact on match-fixing, including seeking, offering or accepting a bribe to fix a football event and obtaining any benefit for persons bound by the Code.

In baseball, there are many opportunities for fans to place wagers on player and team performance, including on Player Props, Over/Unders and Moneyline bets. MLB is dedicated to ensuring that fans who choose to bet responsibly have all the tools and resources they need to do so. This includes supporting responsible gaming initiatives, such as the American Gaming Association’s Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.

Besides betting on baseball games, fans can also place bets on PGA tour events. The PGA signed an official betting partner with DraftKings in 2018, and the partnership will allow the company to use PGA Tour trademarks, promote its PGA-branded official betting app, advertise on TOUR media platforms and produce pre-game and post-game betting content for its customers.