Check Out the Official Betting Rules Before Placing Your Bet

When placing bets on a sports game, you should always check out the official betting rules before deciding to place your wager. These betting rules will determine how your bet is settled and may change depending on the sport. If you’re new to sports betting, it can be helpful to read the rules to familiarize yourself with the lingo used in this type of gambling.

The NFL beefed up its sports integrity efforts this year by investing in new technology, dedicating security personnel to the space and partnering with sportsbooks and integrity firms. The goal is to get a better view of where bets are placed and who makes them. The league says it has already caught a few players and team employees who are violating the rules by betting on its games.

For outright and tournament bets, results are based on the official league table and any points dedications made before the start of the season. If a match is abandoned or changed to a different ground before the scheduled kick-off, bets are still valid and will be paid out based on the original odds available at the time of the bet placement. In addition, all if bets will stand unless the bet is deemed a non-runner.

Those with a stake in the NBA—including players, members of a team’s coaching staff, or those involved in an ownership, executive or management position within a team—are not allowed to bet on any WBSC event. However, they can bet on multisport events. This includes WNBA, NBA Summer League, G-League and Basketball Africa League.